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Why React Native?
Multi-platform. One team can do it all. React Native gives you the ability to share a single codebase between both iOS and Android.

Shared codebase. It's better to first visit the React Native website and then open mobile app. If the site is on React Native, then part of its code can be used further in the mobile app.

Write once, run anywhere!
The future of mobile is the future of online. It is how people access online content now.
Forget about 2-3-week approvals from the AppStore! React Native enables the access to live update.
Now your app can work with hardware! for example, contect it with phone camera, and integrate with other apps.
React Native enables quick prototyping and very high initial velocity
Live updates
Work with hardware
Quick prototyping
React Native Benefits
The application, which collects all the contests for cyclical sports in Russia and CIS countries with the possibility of buying a ticket inside.
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We schedule an in-person meeting or call you up in order to understand your goals better and discuss all the specifics.
Project GO
The next step is an organization of work on your project based on scrupulous analysis of your primary business needs.
The development stage includes the creation of your project's architecture and infrastructure.
Project Launch
Once the basic development is finished, we will take care of proper app launch making sure that everything is in place and functions properly.
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Daniel Calatayud
We have been working with OpsWay for almost a year, and we are fully satisfied with our choice. Would recommend OpsWay if you need dedicated developers at a reasonable price who will be cooperative and professional.
What is also important that we always come to agreement when it comes to complex issues with vacations, leaves.
Sergey Rybchinskiy
Beatster and Diamond Style Productions
Opsway - the qualified development team brought our ideas to life. They delve into the essence of the project and always offer reasonable solutions for any issue or feature - no matter the complexity.
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